14 of the Best Women's Hair Trends for 2022


New year, new hair! Switching up your hair is one of the best ways to refresh your look. This year the hair trends are mellow, fairly low maintenance and all about working with your natural color and texture. Keep reading for Inspiration to figure out what to do with your locks.

Below are the trendy haircuts and styles you will be seeing everywhere in 2022.

Pixie Cut Trend

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When you are ready to take the ultimate plunge, you might want to consider the big pixie cut chop. This Y2K vibe with reference to the 90s has soft razored edges and chopped fringes that can be worn up or down.

The Low-Maintenance Bob

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The key to this bob is to focus less on a specific length and more on natural, undone texture. It is bluntly cut to make your hair look fuller and emphasize your natural texture. Choosing something above the shoulder but below the chin can work for anyone from fine to thick hair.

90’s Layered Cut

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This is a throwback style to Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon in the early 00’s with plenty of soft layering below the jaw allowing for versatility when styling. Adding more layering will only increase volume and texture. When styled or air-dried, this look can be bouncy and fresh.

Modern Mullet

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This modern mullet is a lot less harsh than the 80s mullet. The soft waves that frame the face beautifully will work for any face shape.

Glass Hair

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The secret to getting the “epic shine” associated with this pink straight and sleek look is making sure the hair is deeply hydrated. Layering the right products along with a smooth blow-dry and straightening session will give you that glossy finish while remaining weightless.

Curly Fringe

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A full voluminous fringe is huge this year. This cut works best with longer hair lengths especially since curly hair shrinks a ton when cut. While fringe often gets a bad rep for being high maintenance, using your naturally curly texture makes them simple to care for and style.

Micro Bangs

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Bangs are a big trend and seem like everyone is getting them. Micro bangs add dimensions to round faces and help soften strong jawlines. This style is chic, bold, and not for the faint of heart.

Dressed Up Ponies

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Ponytails have made a huge comeback. There are so many variations to this style so its easy to switch it up. Make it big and curly for a formal event or sleek and chic for an everyday look.

The Shag

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The shag or super layered hair cut works with almost every hair texture and length, and you can style this look with our without bangs. Layering gives the hair movement and brings out the best of natural hair texture while staying low maintences.

Money Piece Highlights

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These face framing highlights around the front hairline usually made with the balayage technique is an easy way to add some flair to any look no matter your length or face shape. Even those these are technically highlights, they don’t have to be blonde just two or three shades lighter than the rest of your strands to create contrast and lightness to lift your complexion.

The Mixie Cut

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The hybrid Mixie Cut (mullet meets pixie) is a fun, edgy haircut ideal for those wanting to experiment with shorter hair. The cut is longer in the back like a mullet but resembles a pixie in the front. Styling this isnt too much effort just mainly playing around with your texture to find out what works best for you.

Flipped- Out Ends

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The iconic 60’s hair flip is making a comeback with an up-to-date twist. This retro style manages to feel classic in a polished and modern way and can work with most hair types. With the lenght of the hair smooth and a subtle flip at the end, You can pair the flip with a half up do, a pony or even a bob.

Curtain Bangs

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Curtain bangs look stylish and a little retro all at the same time. They are gorgeous on almost every face shape and be paired with any length of hair not to mention how easy they can be to style.

Y2K Accessories

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Butterfly clips, claws, satin scrunchies and bubble braids the hairstyles of the iconic Gwen Stefani and Britney spears are back. When it comes to hair accessories, the 2000’s are back and better than ever. They are a great solution for sprucing up second or even third day hair.

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